Top Four Tips for Photography Beginners

Photography is more of an art than it is science. You need to have an artistic persuasion, plus an active imagination, to make it big in this industry. There are a few photography basics which you need to know, and they are all in this article.

Start with What You Have

Most people obsess about having top-of-the-line equipment when just starting out. They can end up losing a lot of time, saving up for it. Sure, some cameras are better than others, but keep in mind that people with SLRs still manage to take gorgeous photos.

Learn Basic Camera Settings

Every new camera owner should use the manual to decipher all the little symbols which come with their purchase. This information is super helpful during the experimental phase.

Also, avoid using the full auto settings which do all the hard work for you. Play around with the settings; the most important things to look out for are shutter speed, aperture, and ISO.

Master the Art of Lighting

Lighting is the number one thing which photographers struggle with the most. It needs to be just right for the photo to be “perfect.” The trick here is to identify the brightest and darkest spots and adjust the camera accordingly. If it’s too bright, avoid deep shadows using the flash. If it’s too dark, try moving the subject or wait until the light is better.

Experiment with Angles

Taking several shots in the same angle will not make much difference. Try climbing on top of things, change the height of your camera, or move forwards and backwards to get a nice variety of shots. Depending on the situation, you might also want to use a tripod. It’s one of the greatest inventions in photography, as it stabilizes your composition, resulting in sharper photos.